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What is a Percussion Massager?

A percussion massager is a hand-held device that applies pulses of focused pressure deep into your muscle tissues. This form of deep-tissue rub down can paintings knots and tension out of the muscle mass at the same time as improving blood waft and quickly enhancing variety of movement.

When used well, a percussion muscle gun can shorten your recovery time at the same time as relieving a number of the pain, anxiety and pain that comes evidently from excessive martial arts workouts.

The fast pulsations added from a percussion massager will soften stiff muscles, and you may goal extremely sore muscle groups by means of running the encompassing tissue. finally, softening and soothing the encompassing tissue could have a calming, soothing impact on the sore, overworked muscle.

Many specialists are using percussion massagers to decrease pain and pain for sufferers, but you can purchase your very own percussion massager to achieve the identical effects in the dojo, at the gym or at the same time as convalescing at domestic.

Percussion Massager vs. Vibration Massager

Percussion massagers hammer down at the floor of your body, sending pulses of pressure deep into your muscle tissues. This mimics the stress which you might receive from the kneading fingers of a professional deep-tissue rubdown therapist. This kind of rubdown is ideal for healing after an severe workout because of the deep muscle penetration.

Vibration massagers are extra superficial because they observe vibrations to the surface of the skin. the ones vibrations don’t deliver deep into the tissue, so they’re more like a mild rubdown designed to appease your mind and help you triumph over stress. They can also assist relieve pain and popular soreness.

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