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With   LNB inputs, it  permits you to attach antennas and get right of entry to satellite tv for pc channels, and the Ethernet enter gives the consumer the potential to attach the tool to the modem to attach it to the  internet . It has compatibility with  digital television  to look at local programming and far off manage to get entry to all features of the unit.

The  Tocomsat soccer HD Receiver  expands the number of television channels, with broadcast programming with HD sound and photo, thanks to the HDMI interface . TOCOM generation , we added a novelty and a reality, after the analog sign shutdown several clients are having to shop for the converter so as to watch television by using digital signal .

The Tocombox soccer HD Receiver offers fine video and audio channels to observe your favourite shows and films.

– Way to the HDMI interface the person gets excessive quality sound and image to make the maximum of films, collection, shows and all the programming available thru the receiver;

– It additionally has Ethernet enter to connect the tool to a modem and as a result get entry to the internet , plus VGA, A / V and a pair of USB ports to attach well matched devices;

–  LNB inputs assist you to join antennas to capture satellite signals, to get right of entry to all programming in an analog manner;

– Includes smooth-to-use far flung control to get right of entry to and configure programming of all features at the receiver;

– Compact and versatile design makes it smooth to accommodate you in a variety of environments and locations, because it combines beauty and practicality;

– Supports ISDB-T virtual tv , handing over digital sign to the tv so that the person can get entry to local programming in excessive first-class.

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