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Nexon as of late finished a Korean open beta for Astellia a month ago.

Victor’s Blade

Discharge Date: More testing in 2019

Model: Free-to-play

PvP: Battlegrounds

Victor’s Blade is a fighting best free mmorpg 2020 that takes motivation from old Eastern and Western civic establishments and fighting. The game assembles activity battle with strategic developments with a picked class job and one’s military to order.

You play with controllable medieval groups to order many ground-breaking and shifting troops. The game offers some sandbox highlights like owning mansions and land. Last November, was declared as the distributer of Conqueror’s Blade for North America and the European locales.


Discharge Date: Soft-dispatch in 2019


PvP: Open-world/free-for-all PvP, Partial plunder drop from executed players

PvE: Monster Hunting For Resources

Crowfall is an activity battle MMORPG that is best depicted as a”throne-war game” that is played crosswise over limited crusades that can keep going for quite a long time.

During the crusades, the open world is available for anyone to all members. Players fight over ingenious zones and plentiful hubs. The game offers player-made consistently enduring center points called “The Eternal Kingdoms” to utilize the bounties picked up from the long PvP crusades.

Double Universe

Discharge Date: Announced Alphas in the principal half of 2019, Beta and Live Launch in 2020

Model: Buy-to-play

Double Universe is a group supported first individual development building sandbox MMO that lets the majority of its players to be on a similar universe simultaneously without being isolated into zones.

Players have the opportunity to manufacture networks, become vendors, battle for assets, or investigate the perpetual Sci-Fi universe. All benefactors were given brief access to the alpha rendition of Dual Universe from December 20, 2018 to January 7, 2019.

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