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The Zvornik Brigade was in charge of the slaughter of thousands of Muslims in July 1995.

Pantic kept up that he was not a warrior and that his obligations just included errands, for example, burrowing channels and parting wood.He currently faces a questionable future that goes well past whatever sentence he gets.Pantic, who landed in the United States with his significant other and two kids in 1997, will confront an expelling procedure, said his lawyer, Krispen Culbertson.

That could mean being isolated from his family. Pantic’s child and little girl intend to remain here, Culbertson said.

“It was obliterating to his family … that he wasn’t absolved,” Culbertson said.

The Republic of Srpska was one of three groups associated with the Bosnian Civil War from 1992 to 1995.Like different men charged, Pantic said his family fled a piece of Bosnia that was constrained by Muslims when the war broke out.

He affirmed that he was constrained into administration by Serb powers during the war yet that he was not an officer. Pantic said his activity was at first to watch a town’s water supply, however he got away to return to his family. He was captured by Serb powers and after that compelled to part wood for the locals. He said he never had a firearm and never wore a uniform.

He likewise affirmed that his child, Sasa, rounded out the greater part of his migration desk work. Sasa Pantic, 28, communicates in English, however Ugljesa Pantic can’t. Ugljesa Pantic said he couldn’t peruse the structures he marked.

Culbertson said Sasa Pantic would have inquired as to whether he was uncertain how to respond to an inquiry, however he had no motivation to accept his dad had served in the Zvornik Brigade.

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