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This is customarily played by young ladies, particularly on vacations and celebrations like Dano (단오), the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, and the Chuseok Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival (추석).

In neolttwigi, members remain on the parts of the bargains barricade and hop and down, driving the individual inverse into the air. ( DB)

Jegichagi (제기차기)

Jegichagi is a conventional Korean game where players kick a paper 부스타빗 shuttlecock into the air and endeavor to keep it up high. (Cintia Mancilla)

This game is like hacky sack, however rather than a sewed footbag, a jegi is utilized, like a badminton shuttlecock, which is produced using a little coin and after that a few strands of conventional Hanji mulberry paper or fabric. The players utilize the sides of their feet to kick the shuttlecock undetermined, never giving it a chance to tumble to the ground.

It tends to be played alone, or one-on-one. The player with the most successive kicks wins. In gatherings, individuals can frame a circle and kick around the jegi. At the point when a player misses the jegi, they’re out of the circle.

I’ll tell you the best way to make an a jegi at home. My nephew adored it. He even plays jegichagi at school with his companions.


Shaded tissue paper, around 25 or 30 cm


– a coin, or containers top, or washer

– string or elastic groups

– a ruler

– a pencil

– a little ringer


– Stack together a few bits of tissue paper and overlay the paper into equal parts

– With a ruler, draw 1 cm lines that start at the collapsed edge and go outward to the free edge of the paper, and which prevent around 4 cm from the edge.

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