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Hemophobia (hematophobia) – fear of blood, blood sight. This phobia is more common in women, people with lower education or psychiatric disorders [3], it complicates the treatment extremely effectively, because the patient’s common anxiety is syncope.

It is worth mentioning that the scientists concluded that haemophobia can be a phobia … saving lives – because the loss of consciousness and reaction to the blood, which nowadays forces the dentist to stop the treatment, in the past – in times of wars and assaults – could not do more than one timid person enable survival.

It’s a phobia that is as dangerous as a dentophobia because a patient who is aware of the fact that there is blood in the mouth during the treatment of their teeth will skip the dental office with a wide arch – probably until the pain or other negative health-related illness mouth will not force him to meet the dentist. Hemophobia also affects medical staff – research shows that

Ambulophobia – fear of walking. It is most often experienced by elderly people or struggling with orthopedic or rheumatic diseases, who are afraid of falling during walking and injuries which are its consequences [4] , [5] Patient with such a phobia may be reluctant to enter the dental chair or before going up the stairs to the examination tomography CBCT, which is carried out in a different room than the proper dental office.

Chemophobia – fear of chemical substances or hygrophobia – fear of solutions, suspensions, liquid mixtures. It can manifest itself, for example, when cleaning root canals or putting on dental filling.Now take a look at how these features of suchy zębodół.

Toothpicks are serial killers , collecting the largest harvest in the United States – it sounds like a headline from the tabloid, however, this is a confirmed fact, because the inability to handle them is the most common cause of abuse. These utensils in the wrong hands are able to do more harm than good, can irritate the gum and even damage the enamel. We advise you to put the toothpicks aside and reach for the dental floss when the need arises.

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