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Then on the left-hand facet click on “OAuth2.” From right here, you need to specify what sort of application you are growing. Press “Bot” after which replica the URL it generates. This have to lead you to a page that lets you upload the bot to any of the servers you manipulate. From right here you may pick which server you want to feature the bot to.

Discord bot

From here you’ll need a few type of coding software and understanding to make complete use of the bot. so as to set off the bot, you will need a text editor inclusive of NotePad, and a coding device inclusive of JavaScript.

You’ll want to take the Token you acquire earlier and store it as a NotePad report right into a folder to your bot. This record ought to be titled “auth.json” and need to be written as follows:

You’ll need to create  greater files to run your bot.

One ought to be stored as package.json with the following code:

“call”: “greeter-bot”,

“model”: “”,

“description”: “[something you want the description to be]”,

“main”: “bot.js”,

“writer”: “[your discord username]”,


For the very last code, you have to call the report “bot.js.” here is where you want to location all your primary functions for the bot. ideally, you’ve got some expertise of coding so you can customize the bot in a manner that you want.

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