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Unplug the device while permitting it to cool

Even as many machines can cool in as little as an hour, it can be advisable to let the gadget sit for a few hours or in a single day to allow it to cool absolutely.

Wash the quilt and melter. Wash the cover, the butter Popcornmaschine kaufen cup, and any other detachable additives with dish cleaning soap or a mild detergent and warm water. unless the producer’s manual specially states the components are dishwasher secure, wash all components via hand.[2]

Do no longer wash any electrical or non-detachable components with water, as this could reason harm to the maker.Use a sponge or washcloth to clean the removable additives. Do not use metallic wool or other scouring gadgets.allow the components to dry completely on a drying rack or at the counter before changing them.

Rinse the chute with a damp fabric. If the chute isn’t always detachable, use a humid cloth to wipe it down. keep away from rinsing inside the popping chamber, as this will cause troubles with the electrical gadget.

Easy out particles from the popping chamber by way of using a dry cleansing cloth inclusive of a microfiber material or fleece purifier.

Update all components and save. once all components are easy and dry, area them back of their appropriate spots on the popcorn maker. keep the maker in a dry location inclusive of a cabinet or shelf inside the kitchen.

Make certain that the wire is wrapped properly and no longer placing down when the maker is saved to assist save you harm to the plug.

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