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The news that bitcoin has violated the $ 10,000 barrier reflects the way that major investors have flocked to cryptocurrencies over the past year. But amid the excitement, regulators fret about criminals who are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to avoid detection from law enforcement.

Why digital currency is so attractive to criminals? Cryptocurrencies is a new phenomenon and – as with all new technologies – it takes time for the regulator to catch up . Bitcoin is the first to gain an international reputation as a digital currency that can be used to settle transactions after the anonymous created in early 2009.

Cryptocurrencies decentralized, which means that they are issued without the authority of the central administration. They are cryptography-based, distributed open source and function in a peer-to-peer.

Significantly, the protocol that underlies most cryptocurrencies based not require or provide user identification and verification. Also the historical transaction records generated on blockchain (technology behind bitcoin, which serves as a general guide of all transactions cryptocurrency) are not always related to the individual’s identity.

Cryptocurrencies also – by definition – a virtual currency that is convertible, because they can be exchanged for fiat money like the pound, the dollar and the euro and this facilitates the user to complete a commercial transaction.

Bitcoin is now an acceptable form of payment in exchange for goods and services with household names such as Microsoft, Expedia, and Subway. At the same time, blockchain technology is being adopted by more business.

personal transactions enabled by using bitcoin is key to understanding cryptocurrencies growth among consumers. However, this advantage is keeping regulators and law enforcement officials awake at night.

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The case of the famous Silk drive this point home. Bitcoin is used to purchase drugs through the dark web – transactions that are not seen by the authorities.

But it is difficult to track criminal activity is not the only threat of the use of cryptocurrencies – there is also the possibility of their use to finance terrorism, given that the formal banking sector is now adept at spotting suspicious movements and the mobilization of money through the banking system

The fact that they can be converted to the pound, the dollar and the euro is not the make of cryptocurrency regulation more feasible. This can be done at the point of their conversion through the exchange of virtual currency – which, like financial institutions, can be arranged.

international financial regulation and a growing number of national measures around the world, such as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) is directed at the financial institution, has been strengthened. And, when implemented effectively, it is now easier to keep track of people who are involved in illegal transactions.

But the global nature of this payment mechanism is the biggest challenge.

Payment can easily be affected across borders due to the conversion of such people through the bitcoin currency exchange can be traded in different parts of the world – including in jurisdictions with lax financial regulation regime and measures KYC / AML weak. This means that, while the jurisdiction to force stronger regulations can suppress criminal activities, such efforts can be easily removed for perpetrators tend to migrate to countries with lax regime.

Nevertheless, positive steps were taken to regulate the financial technology (fintech) product as cryptocurrencies. Emerging challenges in this sector has led to the arrival of regtech – which, among other things, is a technology adopted regulations to address risk issues fintech.

Regtech blanket of artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning – the technology that enables the analysis of detailed data on platforms like blockchain.

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